Smoky Mountains-The Start of Fall!

               We all have to agree that all seasons are beautiful in the Smoky Mountains, but fall really highlights the beauty that surrounds the Smokies. I love photographing all the foliage throughout the Tennessee and North Carolina area of the Smokies. I try and go every year. This year I have already been twice! 🙂 It’s defiantly my happy place. I visited all the traditional photography hotspots from Cades Cove to Tremont. On my second trip up to the mountains, I saw and photographed seven bears in one day, two of them were cubs. I have never seen that many bears up there before. I took thousands of shots of the beauty beneath the smoke and included my favorite below. On both of my trips up, I brought and used my Fuji XT1 and my Canon 1DX Mark ii. I usually use my Fuji for my stream work for that sharpness and color vibrance that the camera carries. My Canon I use on my wildlife and nature images, I love all on its features and it has an outstanding bracketing system as well as a huge variety of ISO’s to choose from. I love the clarity all of my images from my Canon that have reflected onto my images.  It was my first time bringing my new 1DX up to the Smokies and on a photo trip! It never left my side! :-))))  

Stay turned for my wildlife images! 

Comment below and tell me your favorite place to photograph in the Smokies!


Fall Leaves In Tremont

jack graham shot (watermarked)

  This is a shot that was shown to me by Jack Graham! We were out in the early morning last Thursday up Tremont Road in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This was part of the Great Smoky Mountain Photography Summit. It was a really rainy morning. When the ran had let up for just a few minutes, I got out of the car, set up my gear, and went up to Jack Graham who was shooting this scene, looking down at the tree branched coded with beautiful fall leaves up against the flowing water of the stream. This photo was shot with my Fuji XT1 with my telephoto lens, 18-135mm. To get the smoothness of the water I shot this photo at F11 and ISO 1600. I shot this photo at all different types of ISO’s to get different effects of the water. (a tip from Jack Graham).