Little White Church in Cades Cove- Great Smoky Mountains

There’s defiantly an old gem deep inside the Great Smoky Mountains right in the heart of Cades Cove. Anytime I am going through the cove I always have to stop and photograph this amazing little white church that dates back to the late 1820s. Cades Cove is located near Townsend, TN in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and it is a beautiful valley (like you have never seen before) that you can drive through, one way. Cades Cove is an 11 mile loop. Settlers first arrived in Cades Cove in the early 1820s. There is a lot of history there and many historical places to photograph as well as visit. I believe Cades Cove has almost 2 million visitors a year and is one of the most popular destinations in the Smoky Mountains, so that means all us photographers better get out to the Cove early in the morning! ūüôā

If you are going to photograph the cove, I do recommend going right at sunrise or before so you are the first to enter into the cove. There is beautiful lighting and fog that hits the cove and makes it so beautiful to photograph only in the morning. The fog slips through the trees and path, which makes a wonderful photo and is the most iconic. Many deers run through the valley and give you an easy view to photograph them. Of course there are bears too and much more wildlife!

Glam Up Your Camera!

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