Mood-Retro Photo Shoot


   I ended 2017 with my most favorite shoot yet! I just love these 70 vibe photos that I shot for a PINK article for Oak and Lee Magazine featuring fashion blogger HeyItsCarlyRae. I really wanted to capture a “mood” moment both in the setting, feel, and pose. The retro white sunglass trend have been in season over the last few months and I was just dyeing to incorporate them in one of my shoots and this one definitely suited the vibe. I am all about creating modern retro fashion images! If you want to read the full article that features my work click here ===========

Nashville Photography! Americana Inspired!

What I love most about Nashville, Tennessee is the Americana vibe that it carries! I love using HDR and the HDR effect on almost everything I shoot in Nashville! Nashville has some really cool rustic things to shoot that are perfect for those HDR images. Places like Marathon Motor Works or the Parthenon are awesome locations for photographers to test out their creativity when it comes to HDR photography. I have been to Nashville very summer for the past 3 years. These photos are some of many of my favorite HDR images. I also got the chance to shoot with 14 time Grammy Award Winning Country/Bluegrass singer Ricky Skaggs who so unbelievably talented. I shot a portrait of him too!

Comment below and tell me which is your favorite!

Feelin’ Floral


Anything pink, floral, and vintage with pearls I will wear! This was my OOTD yesterday featuring my long sleeve mustard dress from Original piece paired with my Target sweater. The sleeves were long on the dress so I folded them over my sweater to match the neckline of my dress. I accessorized my outfit with a long pearl necklace to top my vintage look and matched my new Kate Spade purse with my sweater. I don’t think you can see it in the photo, but I did my make-up Audrey Hepburn style with brown and white eyeshadow featuring a sharp cat eye and filled in my eyebrows very thick, which is part of Audrey Hepburn’s signature look.


A Glimspe into My Fashion World…

My passion is fashion photography. I am so intrigued by the fashion world,  its inspirations, and how you can express it though your own personal style. For me being able to capture it on camera is the most amazing feeling in the world. I love bringing out the true beauty in people in a unique way that shows them how beautiful they are. It is such a unexplainable wonderful feeling to have a model in front of my camera, look through the viewfinder, and then click the shutter button. I really love capturing all types of fashions from casual to high fashion. In each photo shoot I do, I try and keep my same style and only change the pose. My dream is to be a known fashion photographer and have my own fashion magazine. I am lucky enough to grow up in the fashion business  with my family, so I am able to start now.

My fashion inspiration is anything vintage or victorian, I highly admire the beauty and elegance of that era. It has such a brilliance of colors, patterns, and styles. Anything from blush pink to floral to pearls is how I express myself through fashion. The old golden aged Hollywood actresses, especially Audrey Hepburn, are what really inspired me in both in the photography world and fashion world. I try and keep a modern retro combination and technique in my fashion photography.

Below are ad campaigns that I designed and also photographed for my Mom and sister’s clothing brand.

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bold-and-italic dare-to-be-different la-vie  never-fade-away originality-is-beautifullimited-edition vibrating