Nashville Photography! Americana Inspired!

What I love most about Nashville, Tennessee is the Americana vibe that it carries! I love using HDR and the HDR effect on almost everything I shoot in Nashville! Nashville has some really cool rustic things to shoot that are perfect for those HDR images. Places like Marathon Motor Works or the Parthenon are awesome locations for photographers to test out their creativity when it comes to HDR photography. I have been to Nashville very summer for the past 3 years. These photos are some of many of my favorite HDR images. I also got the chance to shoot with 14 time Grammy Award Winning Country/Bluegrass singer Ricky Skaggs who so unbelievably talented. I shot a portrait of him too!

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Nashville Lights

nashville lights


Nashville is such a magical musical city! I could have spent a whole another week photographing just the city alone. Here is my favorite shot from my trip, the whole city lit up at night! Photographed from the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge at sunset.

Americana Photography! Photographing America’s History

What is Americana photography exactly? You are going back in time and capturing America’s history and bringing it back into the present. I have shot Americana a lot lately, I have fell in love with it! I love the idea of bringing history out in a picture. It is also so much fun to take pictures of. Not only will you photograph it, you learn so much about America’s past and really get to study about all our major events, from cars to diners to how we lived when we first came to America.  Americana Photography is a photographic experience along with a learning experience. You will educate your audience and make them think back to the 50s or 40s etc. This style of photography is growing in popularity because of how different it is and how unique it is. All across America there are so many historical scenes to shoot in every city. These photos I shot in Nashville, Tennessee. These will give you a perspective of what Americana photography looks like. When of the best Americana photographers I believe in America is Bill Fortney. He goes all across America and photographs ghost towns, diner, general stores, and even Route 66. He is my inspiration of starting to do Americana photography. If you want to check out his work here is his blog,

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1954 pontiac