My Photographic Happy Place!

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is in my top 3 favorite places to take pictures. It is full of opportunity for all types of photographers. You can spend a whole day in just one section!!! I know I could! It is so peaceful and all the animals are always up to getting their picture taken! 😸 You can photograph birds to elephants to monkeys to snakes. You can even create an image to look like you are shooting on an African Savannah of an exotic animal.

The Jacskonville Zoo has over 2,000 animals and is known for their Land of the Tiger and Range of the Jaguar. I don’t think a month goes by without having to go photographic the animals  and flowers. I have gone so many times, the animals practically know me 😄 I have named each and everyone one that remembers me every time I come. They always hold a pose for the camera. The animals are so used to people being around their environments, they know how to work it when a camera is held up to them. The birds would have to be my favorite at the zoo and favorite animals to photograph overall. They have such character, attitudes, & priceless expressions.

Check back at my blog tomorrow to see my latest zoo shots from last week! If you have any questions about zoography comment below!

Happy Sunday! 🙈🙉🙊

Get Well Soon Kinleigh Rose!

tiger cub recovery

Wishing Kinleigh Rose a speedy recovery! The 3-month old tiger cub to the zoo has injured her back leg. The zoo said that her injury has been slowing her down, but still loves playing with her Mum. Kinleigh won’t be out on the exhibit for awhile. They are unsure how the cub broke her leg, but she is so playful she may have just hurt herself playing with her Mum.