Fashion Speaks When Words Can’t…


A stormy day played the perfect role as my background when I shot this photo. Natural light was used to shoot this photograph, all that I used was the compensation dial on my Fuji XT1. I love all the contrast featured on the model’s dress and hair. When there is a lot of contrast in a fashion photo, that is when I like to convert it  into black and white because contrast ads detail into a black and white photograph. Her expression of looking away really makes the photo come together. When shooting fashion, the expression of your model reflects on the mood of the photo. I absolutely love shooting models wearing big fancy gowns because it ads so much detail and a form of deep dramatic sensation to a photograph, especially when the wind is blowing.  This was part of a New Year photo shoot job for famous Instagrammer @HeyitsCarlyRae.

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Gone Retro Part 2

    Some more photos from my retro project in Vilano Beach FL! I think this project goes down as my most favorite fashion shoot EVER! ❤ Photos below were shot with Fuji Xt1. Comment and tell me your favorite one below! 🙂

chelsea har pic 3

chelsea hat pic 2

chelsea hat pic

Fall Leaves In Tremont

jack graham shot (watermarked)

  This is a shot that was shown to me by Jack Graham! We were out in the early morning last Thursday up Tremont Road in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This was part of the Great Smoky Mountain Photography Summit. It was a really rainy morning. When the ran had let up for just a few minutes, I got out of the car, set up my gear, and went up to Jack Graham who was shooting this scene, looking down at the tree branched coded with beautiful fall leaves up against the flowing water of the stream. This photo was shot with my Fuji XT1 with my telephoto lens, 18-135mm. To get the smoothness of the water I shot this photo at F11 and ISO 1600. I shot this photo at all different types of ISO’s to get different effects of the water. (a tip from Jack Graham).