Snowy Egret

A little Snowy Egret hiding in the trees of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm this past weekend. This was shot with my Canon 1DX Mark ii with the Canon 100-400mm lens! Love that set up, especially for birding!

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday, the weekend is here! I always love photographing on the weekend. Especially, where I shot this Yellow Bill Duck, which is my “secret place” where I go and shoot birds and all sorts of wildlife up close. This was shot with my favorite lens, the Canon 70-200mm. I love the clarity and weight of that lens and its abilities. It is really my go to Canon lens. I use is for everything! by looking at the photo you can see the great depth of field of the duck and the blurriness of the water in the background. I can’t believe this photo was shot in the middle of the day amongst bad lighting and shadows.
Where is your favorite weekend spot?