Photographer Approved Make-Up Look: Keep Your Camera Makeup Free

    I usually wear make-up everyday. Personally, I just love doing my make-up, it is so much fun! But I have been struggling with my make-up lately because as a professional photographer with my gear I found it difficult to wear make-up because I am constantly using my eyes to look through the view finder. The glitter from and make-up I wear on my face ends up coming off and getting onto my equipment. Makeup isn’t easy to clean from gear wither. It is almost impossible to get the foundation or blush off the screen of the camera too! I always have a camera in my hands, so I rarely ever wore it. But  I found a way where I could wear make-up again when I am out shooting without it getting all over my gear.I created my own technique for my”photographer look.” Here’s what I do!

 So I keep it really simply! I use the classic black liquid WATERPROOF eyeliner, mascara, black eye pencil, and any color lipstick (you never have to worry about lipstick). This is a vintage inspired look.

Okay,  I take my liquid waterproof eye liner (which you can purchase in many different colors at your local drugstore or makeup counter) and I go along the lid of my eye to create a cat eye. The beauty about waterproof eye liner is that it won’t smear so if your eye starts watering from having to squint or from sweat, it won’t smudge. I love the cat eye look, but you can do whatever you want. I use the Bare Minerals waterproof eye liner, to me it’s the best, most conformable and I have tried many different brands! As photographers, our eyes are sensitive because we are constantly using them. Next, I take my eye pencil and draw it in the bottom lid of my eye. It’s not waterproof but when it is in the inside of your bottom eye lid, it won’t come off. I use a standard black eye pencil by Loreal from Target. Then it’s time for my mascara. I use the Clinque brand and it makes my eye lashed very long!  I do the bottom and the top 3 times each to get the volume and long look to them. Lastly, it’s time for lipstick. You never have to worry about lipstick coming off. I always match my lipstick to me outfits!

Comment below and tell me what you think of my “Photographer Approved Make-Up Look!”

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