Fashion Speaks When Words Can’t…


A stormy day played the perfect role as my background when I shot this photo. Natural light was used to shoot this photograph, all that I used was the compensation dial on my Fuji XT1. I love all the contrast featured on the model’s dress and hair. When there is a lot of contrast in a fashion photo, that is when I like to convert it  into black and white because contrast ads detail into a black and white photograph. Her expression of looking away really makes the photo come together. When shooting fashion, the expression of your model reflects on the mood of the photo. I absolutely love shooting models wearing big fancy gowns because it ads so much detail and a form of deep dramatic sensation to a photograph, especially when the wind is blowing.  This was part of a New Year photo shoot job for famous Instagrammer @HeyitsCarlyRae.

Let me know your thoughts below! 🙂