Celebrating our BEAUTIFUL National Parks…

Happy 100th Birthday to our gorgeous National Parks! My favorite is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Which is your favorite park?

The Smokies are special to me because it is where I saw my first snow! It just so happens it is my #1 favorite place to photograph if you are not surprised from my portfolio! 😀⛰❤️📸  I have been to the Smoky Mountains 8 times in 2 years during Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter🙂!!!

The Smokies are definitely a heavenly place for me! 🙌🏻🙏🏻

A photo of me shooting streams in the Smokies during the spring.


HLW Smokies Raphie Snow Working

Here I saw my very very very first snow! I couldn’t believe it. One day it was fall foliage and then the next was 22 inches of snow on the tops of the mountains! To see 22 inches of snow for the first time is something I will never forget, especial when your a girl from Florida!


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