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I have to say my favorite thing to do is fashion photography! Being the head fashion photographer at Original Piece, gives the opportunity to surround myself with fashion everyday. Original Piece has just launched their new website and I shot all the pictures for their new collections. The new website features different collections filled with different styles of clothing. The collections are Boho, Fall, and Wedding to name a few. When I was on set shooting for the website it was so much fun because all the sets had to be different themes to fit each collection. The best part of my job was to make sure all the looks matched their collection. I think my favorite category was fall, I loved shooting in the forest! I also loved shooting the wedding dress too! 🙂 ❤

Check out Original Piece’s new website, along with my pictures!

Here is an exclusive behind the scenes look of the fall collection!


Doorstep Photography

        You don’t have to travel to Africa or Alaska or any great length to take amazing pictures. You can capture those masterpieces right by your doorstep. You would think photographers have to travel at great lengths and to exotic places to capture “the photograph,” but really you don’t have to go very far. Everywhere you look, there is a photograph.  There is beauty in everything  if you look for it  the right way.  You may live in the city, on a farm, or at the beach and capture beauty that can be a masterpiece with imagination and a good eye to  see something amazing. That is the best part about being a photography, in every photograph you show the beauty of your subject!. You would be surprised at what amazing photographic opportunities are around you.  A little secret to wildlife is just going to the zoo! You would be surprised at the amazement  you can create there. Or even going out to your garden or flowers pots to photograph flowers and insects is another opportunity to create beautiful work right in your doorstep.

I attached a photograph from my local beach, just 1 mile away and a another photograph from a local state park in my area and I did not have to go very far.

Comment below and tell me of your favorite photograph taken in your area!


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