The Pier 1

Today is the one year anniversary of The Pier. This photo was shot at the Jacksonville Beach Pier.  The Pier is my most popular and favored photograph in Jacksonville, being of the pier. It is displayed at Original Piece at the St. Johns Town Center. The reason why I am reflecting on this photo is because it is special to me.

You wouldn’t know looking at this photo, it  was 50° degrees outside when this was shot! Being in Florida you wouldn’t think the beach can get that cold. It was my brother’s first and last time coming to a sunrise shoot with me 🙂 My mentor was also with me, he came to Florida to visit and had never shot the ocean before, so I took him out on an exclusive workshop to the famous Jax Pier. 🙂

When you shoot water and want to get it soft and smooth, you have to use long exposers and before we could shoot this amazing sunrise, we captured what you see below! The garbage man’s truck pulled right into our shot, I don’t think he saw us. 🙂

The photo is special for many reasons. It brought lots of attention to my work, but it was one of the most memorable sunrise’s I had with the greatest company, my grandpa, brother, and mentor.