Top Shooting Location: Little Talbot Island

Little Talbot Island

Little Talbot Island

Little Talbot Island is an island full of mystery and wonder. You walk down to the beach and step onto the most beautiful century- old island covered in giant fallen live oak and cedar trees. Thousands of sticks of old drift wood are scattered along the 5 mile long island. The island is located in Amelia Island in Florida. There are trees that have fallen over that are 40 to 60 feet long. All these trees were once alive planted in the ground, but all of the trees grew on the dune fall. Tree skeletons are all over the beach. It is a photographers dream and a photograph every photographer wants to have, especially when you are on the beach at sunrise and sunset. In my photograph, I went to Little Talbot Island at sunset. I arrived in enough time to walk the beach and look around. My grandpa, who always is with me when I photograph took me and my little brother for the adventure. It was a beauty walking the beach full of tree skeletons. Some of the trees were so big you had to climb over them to continue walking the beach. The ocean waves were at low tide and washed against the trees. It is a very peaceful place. Little Talbot Island is famous around the area. There had to have been a dozen photographers that were there on the same adventure I was on. If you are ever in the area I recommend that you bring your camera and tripod because this is a place you need to photograph.

My first photograph above is my favorite shot from that day. I included some more shots below I took when I was exploring the island. These photos are just to show you all the skeleton trees the island had. And I included a photograph of my little brother standing next to the tree, to show you the height of the bottoms of the trees.

I hope you all enjoy my shots!

little talbot island (black and white)


little talbot island tree


Camera settings: Aperture Mode, F22, ISO 100 for the beach shots.


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